fixing a broken heart

♥ in-love: once again!! ♥

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Funny how we kEpt on wiShing frOm the falling stArs yet we knew thAt we’ve bEen wiShing the same tHought with diffeRent personages..

our story: HuBs&wAbs

I was in the midst of cold december then. my heArt is numb from feeling the pain, and everytHing seEms UnapPreciAted.

i Loved, bUt left.. i hOped, but chEated.

bUt God is gOod. As thEy sAy, if yOu’re a bRokenheArteD, God is there to send a persOn to mEnd your brOken heArt at thE right time..

i remembEred, it was a cOuple of weeks then wHen i asked for A sign, thEn there I fOund “jan” wHo anSwereD the qUestion.

I began gLancing at him insidE ouR classRoOm. I nOticed a girl’s nAme on his bOok. I found him qUiet..and deep. But my cLassmAtes fOund Him nAughty, fUnny and cLumsy. He is..indEed! But he was exActly the pErsOn i thoUght. He’s dEep..reaLLy deEp, deeper tHan i tHought.. and thAt’s whAt i Am pRoud of..knOwing him behind mAsk thAt nOt aLL peOple dOes knOw.

We becamE frienDs..thEn Lovers.

We fOught fOr thE love we hAd nOw. We risk it aLL bEcaUse we knOw we neeDed eAch other bAdLy..bAdLy that we cAn’t afford to lOse eaCh other., i wAnted tO sHow him wHat i cAn do whEn i said “i Love”.. i cAn mAke the impOssibLe.. And he’s dOing thE samE either..thAt’s why we’rE gRowing everydAy finding eAch other in’love this way.

i cAn’t believe i live this way agAin. Living in A woRld that U never thOught you’ll belOng to sOmeday. I walked aRound with differeNt placeS and fAces i sEe,. i aTe fOods i dOnt usUaLLy eat beFore, i lAughed like i nEver Laugh fOr the lAst 4 months agO..and sHaring my everydAy with An exAct oPpOsite persOn.

life’s like this.


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