fixing a broken heart

healing the dark heart

Posted on: February 12, 2009

even the darkest of hearts knows love // whether it be for a person incapable of loving you back or for things unattainable // though it beats and bleeds to be understood / not even the owner of this heart knows what it wants but one thing and thats to be loved / to be accepted while shunning the very things it wants because they are most likely false or otherwise motivated towards loving said person for their own reasons // to the owner of this heart all signs of admiration are tainted by human fallibility’s and jaded pasts // the heart is unwilling or incapable of letting go of the ghosts of the past that gnaws away at the raw bits / picking the scabs // a temporary reprieve from the agony of not feeling love though it may be filled with it // even the darkest of hearts knows pain whether real or imagined // is their pain not real because it’s in the mind or soul? // is it because it cannot be diagnosed by a doctor whose job it is to heal and do no harm? // is the agony of this heart psychological / emotional / venal or all of the above? // is it a form of mental illness that makes this dark heart want to be cut from it’s body with jagged shards of glass? // to numb the pain by creating a diversion by sending pain to another part of the body // the dark heart is this way for reasons known only to the owner of said heart // there could be a litany of reasons all valid to the owner // at any given time it’s quixotic inner child is the keeper of the key to freeing this heart // but to give this heart what it needs / the child must be recognized by the owner of this heart / if she doesn’t recognize herself then the heart stays dark // the irony is that the power to heal this wounded heart resides within her and doesn’t come from outside sources // happiness can be attained with the owner of the dark heart if she loves / accepts / and honors herself / then and only then will the little person inside and the adult owner of this heart be healed through the radiant light that had been trapped within the dark heart-will know the love and acceptance that it needs and deserves //


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