fixing a broken heart

is cheating ever okay?

Posted on: February 12, 2009

no matter how you look at it / cheating is never okay // cheating is dishonest / hurtful / and just plain old wrong // people only cheat because they are selfish and inconsiderate of others // their wants and their desires are more important to them than hurting the person they are cheating on // if they really cared then cheating would never be an issue // if you really and truly love someone / then you will never violate their trust and risk throwing everything away that you have with that person by cheating // if you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t going well and there is somene else that you want to be with / then have the common decency to tell your significant other BEFORE you cheat // tell them it’s over and that you have found someone else // be brutally honest if you must / but at least have enough respect for them to not cheat behind their back // people who sneak around to cheat are not only selfish / but they are the worst kind of cowards // even the very first time you cheat / your actions are showing that you obviously don’t think enough of the other person and your relationship with them to be faithful // it isn’t a matter of self-control // it’s strictly a matter of the heart // if a person cheats once / then you can be certain that they will cheat again // i’m willing to give second chances on a lot of mistakes in life / but this isn’t one of them // life is too short and there are too many other people out there who can show me love and respect for me to waste my love and tears on someone who doesn’t love me back //


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