fixing a broken heart

reflections on the act of flirting

Posted on: February 12, 2009

what is your view point on flirting? / are you in a relationship where your significant other flirts a great deal? / do you have to deal with someone calling your partner all the time because he / she started flirting and the other man / woman misunderstood it to be something more? / has your partner argued with you or showed emotions that it is hurting their feelings? / have you ever had to worry about your lover retaliating back at a man / woman because the flirting went well beyond it’s boundaries? / if so, then i think that you should keep on reading this // flirting can be minor / but then again / it can also be major // first / let us see what the dictionary considers “flirting” // it defines flirting as / to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures // in plain words / winking / long sensual hugging / gazing and longing / steering at a part of the body where you know you shouldn’t be / kissing anywhere on the body (even on the hand) touching in a way that you would touch your partner / emailing or chatting to them saying words that can lead to something more // i know you maybe thinking / ”Impossible!” // but / this is really the facts // men and women sometimes do not know that they are actually flirting and it can really hurt someone // since i am a woman / i can let you know my viewpoint on where it can lead / women look at flirting in a whole other way than men do / you can flirt with a woman and they automatically assume that you want them sexually // even though / in the back of their mind they are thinking that it will never be / they still laugh at the thought that you are trying to pursue them // if you are in a relationship / they immediately turn and look at the woman / smiling / because in the back of their mind they think that they can have your man at any given time if they wanted // which to the other woman it is called disrespectful // the woman that you are flirting with may even flirt back to see how far you will go // if it goes any further / the woman now has the reason to throw it up in your partner’s face / which can lead to something tragic on your part and hers // woman tend to have two things that are common among all women // they will either turn into an angry rage / which can result into something physical or deadly / or / they will start doing the same thing that you are doing and maybe even pursue in cheating physically basically because they “think” that you are // you should ask yourself // is it cool if my partner did the same thing? // would i mind? // if you basically do not care / then you should not be in the relationship // nine times out of ten / your partner is not looking at the relationship the same way you are // communication is the key to getting involved with someone // both of you need to determine what kind of relationship you are going to have and it needs to be agreeable on both ends // now / everyone has their own opinion regarding this matter // most times it can become a dispute // being “in a relationship” and just having a partner on a “regular basis” / is not the same thing // establish first where the dating may go and if you want it something more // now-a-days / people just tend to have sex and think that they are in a relationship // that is not the case // now, if you are married and your spouse flirts with every blond hair / blue-eyed / big booty woman / it is definitely a problem if that is something that bothers you // especially / if you have had a problem in the past where the flirting was leading to other things / you may never be able to trust him // to my knowledge / one out of every three men flirt // one out of every three men cheat / which is the number one cause for breaking up or divorce / there seems to be a lot of affairs going on where it all started out with just minor flirting / if you are not ready to leave your spouse or partner / then respect the relationship / you may just find yourself / by yourself / and the person that you cheated with / will not want to be with you because you cheated on your spouse or even a partner


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