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Funny how we kEpt on wiShing frOm the falling stArs yet we knew thAt we’ve bEen wiShing the same tHought with diffeRent personages..

our story: HuBs&wAbs

I was in the midst of cold december then. my heArt is numb from feeling the pain, and everytHing seEms UnapPreciAted.

i Loved, bUt left.. i hOped, but chEated.

bUt God is gOod. As thEy sAy, if yOu’re a bRokenheArteD, God is there to send a persOn to mEnd your brOken heArt at thE right time..

i remembEred, it was a cOuple of weeks then wHen i asked for A sign, thEn there I fOund “jan” wHo anSwereD the qUestion.

I began gLancing at him insidE ouR classRoOm. I nOticed a girl’s nAme on his bOok. I found him qUiet..and deep. But my cLassmAtes fOund Him nAughty, fUnny and cLumsy. He is..indEed! But he was exActly the pErsOn i thoUght. He’s dEep..reaLLy deEp, deeper tHan i tHought.. and thAt’s whAt i Am pRoud of..knOwing him behind mAsk thAt nOt aLL peOple dOes knOw.

We becamE frienDs..thEn Lovers.

We fOught fOr thE love we hAd nOw. We risk it aLL bEcaUse we knOw we neeDed eAch other bAdLy..bAdLy that we cAn’t afford to lOse eaCh other., i wAnted tO sHow him wHat i cAn do whEn i said “i Love”.. i cAn mAke the impOssibLe.. And he’s dOing thE samE either..thAt’s why we’rE gRowing everydAy finding eAch other in’love this way.

i cAn’t believe i live this way agAin. Living in A woRld that U never thOught you’ll belOng to sOmeday. I walked aRound with differeNt placeS and fAces i sEe,. i aTe fOods i dOnt usUaLLy eat beFore, i lAughed like i nEver Laugh fOr the lAst 4 months agO..and sHaring my everydAy with An exAct oPpOsite persOn.

life’s like this.


When will you realize that it’s time to let go?

i met you without asking why,.i loved you without doubting in any way. The feelings are clear, and i know you love me so dear,. But why is that when we get the feeling of HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION, when we thought its easy, it becomes even harder.

In real life, isn’t there be a “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” story?

I smiled and weep when i started restrospecting the past.. If i could only get back time,i should not hate you nor the feelings we had,. Because i know that we came to a point that were ready to trade eternity to be together..I believed that you dont mean to hurt me, but i was hurt. God has planned a LIFE before us. An even if He choose to break my heart, i won’t ask “WHY?” I will set you free to whatever choices you made even if you choose to leave me.Loving you so much “NICASIO OROZCO” is the best thing i did, sharing my life with you was never a wrong move, because i chose to love you and i won’t hate you for hurting me.

It’s enough that i learned to love this way, that i can do impossible when im in LOVE, that i can let go when it is time to and be a FRIEND when i finally moved-on.

my friEnds uSed tO cAll mE “NEGS”

they fOund me “masungit” bcOz of the way i gLance aT ’em and thE way i dO reActed.,

But im reALLy a sweeT Lady,
i kiSs anD makE uP if I nEed to,.

i hAv A strong pErsonaLity,and dAts whAt othEr peOPle aDore.

i easiLy faLL in Love bUt i dO easiLy mOve On whEn thEy deciDed tO leave.,

i LoveD a peRsOn nOt thE way He Look noR the whAt He have, But it vAries hOw i fOund him intErested tO knOw and serve mE.

i am balanced, orderly, and organized.
I want everything in a row.

People see me as stubborn and headstrong.
I’m definitely have a dominant personality.

I’m loyal, and people can count on me.

At times, i can be a bit too emotional that tend to put too much pressure on myself

I am very intuitive and wise.
i understand the world better than most people.

I am prone to a litte paranoia and jealousy.
I sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

I am usually the best at everything …

*confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

*wild, crazy, and a huge rebel.
*im always up to something.

I have a ton of energy,
and most people can’t handle me,
very intense esp when in the peak of the emotion.

i tend to be pretty tightly wound. It’s easy to get you excited…
which can be a good or bad thing.

i have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly.
i don’t stick with any
one thing for very long.

I have the drive to accomplish
a lot in a short amount of time.

I have a lot of life experience.

I easily get jealous,
when i own something,
i want it to be just MINE.

friendly, though misinterpreted.

Believed in the GOLDEN RULE.

i WANT a person who is RESPONSIBLE financially
to share RESPONSIBILITIES with me..

who can make me SMILE
and LAUGH at my mistakes.

someone who can
TREAT me as a QUEEN.

who WILL NOT make me CRY
or even feel UPSET.

someone who puts me

who will not JUDGE my decision
but rather APPROVE on it.

someone who can TELL me EVERYTHING
and put NO LIES between us.

whose willing to GIVE MUCH
of what i can offer.

someone who can DRINK beer with me when im down
but take no advantage on it.

someone who can GIVE me
BEFORE i ASK for it.

who will make me feel
DIFFERENT from any love he HAD.

someone who SMILES
because he saw me SMILING.

who can say HE LOVES me
and NOBODY but ME.

if i asked this much,.
it’s because i can do this too much, much!

what is your view point on flirting? / are you in a relationship where your significant other flirts a great deal? / do you have to deal with someone calling your partner all the time because he / she started flirting and the other man / woman misunderstood it to be something more? / has your partner argued with you or showed emotions that it is hurting their feelings? / have you ever had to worry about your lover retaliating back at a man / woman because the flirting went well beyond it’s boundaries? / if so, then i think that you should keep on reading this // flirting can be minor / but then again / it can also be major // first / let us see what the dictionary considers “flirting” // it defines flirting as / to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures // in plain words / winking / long sensual hugging / gazing and longing / steering at a part of the body where you know you shouldn’t be / kissing anywhere on the body (even on the hand) touching in a way that you would touch your partner / emailing or chatting to them saying words that can lead to something more // i know you maybe thinking / ”Impossible!” // but / this is really the facts // men and women sometimes do not know that they are actually flirting and it can really hurt someone // since i am a woman / i can let you know my viewpoint on where it can lead / women look at flirting in a whole other way than men do / you can flirt with a woman and they automatically assume that you want them sexually // even though / in the back of their mind they are thinking that it will never be / they still laugh at the thought that you are trying to pursue them // if you are in a relationship / they immediately turn and look at the woman / smiling / because in the back of their mind they think that they can have your man at any given time if they wanted // which to the other woman it is called disrespectful // the woman that you are flirting with may even flirt back to see how far you will go // if it goes any further / the woman now has the reason to throw it up in your partner’s face / which can lead to something tragic on your part and hers // woman tend to have two things that are common among all women // they will either turn into an angry rage / which can result into something physical or deadly / or / they will start doing the same thing that you are doing and maybe even pursue in cheating physically basically because they “think” that you are // you should ask yourself // is it cool if my partner did the same thing? // would i mind? // if you basically do not care / then you should not be in the relationship // nine times out of ten / your partner is not looking at the relationship the same way you are // communication is the key to getting involved with someone // both of you need to determine what kind of relationship you are going to have and it needs to be agreeable on both ends // now / everyone has their own opinion regarding this matter // most times it can become a dispute // being “in a relationship” and just having a partner on a “regular basis” / is not the same thing // establish first where the dating may go and if you want it something more // now-a-days / people just tend to have sex and think that they are in a relationship // that is not the case // now, if you are married and your spouse flirts with every blond hair / blue-eyed / big booty woman / it is definitely a problem if that is something that bothers you // especially / if you have had a problem in the past where the flirting was leading to other things / you may never be able to trust him // to my knowledge / one out of every three men flirt // one out of every three men cheat / which is the number one cause for breaking up or divorce / there seems to be a lot of affairs going on where it all started out with just minor flirting / if you are not ready to leave your spouse or partner / then respect the relationship / you may just find yourself / by yourself / and the person that you cheated with / will not want to be with you because you cheated on your spouse or even a partner

no matter how you look at it / cheating is never okay // cheating is dishonest / hurtful / and just plain old wrong // people only cheat because they are selfish and inconsiderate of others // their wants and their desires are more important to them than hurting the person they are cheating on // if they really cared then cheating would never be an issue // if you really and truly love someone / then you will never violate their trust and risk throwing everything away that you have with that person by cheating // if you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t going well and there is somene else that you want to be with / then have the common decency to tell your significant other BEFORE you cheat // tell them it’s over and that you have found someone else // be brutally honest if you must / but at least have enough respect for them to not cheat behind their back // people who sneak around to cheat are not only selfish / but they are the worst kind of cowards // even the very first time you cheat / your actions are showing that you obviously don’t think enough of the other person and your relationship with them to be faithful // it isn’t a matter of self-control // it’s strictly a matter of the heart // if a person cheats once / then you can be certain that they will cheat again // i’m willing to give second chances on a lot of mistakes in life / but this isn’t one of them // life is too short and there are too many other people out there who can show me love and respect for me to waste my love and tears on someone who doesn’t love me back //

even the darkest of hearts knows love // whether it be for a person incapable of loving you back or for things unattainable // though it beats and bleeds to be understood / not even the owner of this heart knows what it wants but one thing and thats to be loved / to be accepted while shunning the very things it wants because they are most likely false or otherwise motivated towards loving said person for their own reasons // to the owner of this heart all signs of admiration are tainted by human fallibility’s and jaded pasts // the heart is unwilling or incapable of letting go of the ghosts of the past that gnaws away at the raw bits / picking the scabs // a temporary reprieve from the agony of not feeling love though it may be filled with it // even the darkest of hearts knows pain whether real or imagined // is their pain not real because it’s in the mind or soul? // is it because it cannot be diagnosed by a doctor whose job it is to heal and do no harm? // is the agony of this heart psychological / emotional / venal or all of the above? // is it a form of mental illness that makes this dark heart want to be cut from it’s body with jagged shards of glass? // to numb the pain by creating a diversion by sending pain to another part of the body // the dark heart is this way for reasons known only to the owner of said heart // there could be a litany of reasons all valid to the owner // at any given time it’s quixotic inner child is the keeper of the key to freeing this heart // but to give this heart what it needs / the child must be recognized by the owner of this heart / if she doesn’t recognize herself then the heart stays dark // the irony is that the power to heal this wounded heart resides within her and doesn’t come from outside sources // happiness can be attained with the owner of the dark heart if she loves / accepts / and honors herself / then and only then will the little person inside and the adult owner of this heart be healed through the radiant light that had been trapped within the dark heart-will know the love and acceptance that it needs and deserves //


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