fixing a broken heart

infidelity is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship // when one partner cheats on another it leaves lifelong scars // sometimes those scars may not be evident until later in life but nobody escapes infidelity unscathed // being young doesn’t make it easier to deal with cheating // in fact / the innocence of youth and first love can make the wounds of infidelity cut even deeper // do people cheat because of something wrong in the relationship or is it something deep inside the cheater’s personality that leads them to stray? / if a cheater cheats on one partner / will they also cheat on the next? // can you ever really trust a cheater // should you even try? // when it comes to cheating there are no easy answers //


we forgive people for our own benefit // we put things behind us / declare at least to ourselves that we no longer expect to be repaid for the debt / and allow ourselves to move on / we can forgive people that are passed away or with whom we no longer have any possible contact / we don’t have to tell them that we have forgiven them // reconciliation is beyond that and involved some re-establishment of trust // that’s generally something that has to be earned through actions / not words / over a serious period of time and is not compatible with lies / deception / or being misled by not knowing or understanding relevant pertinent facts // sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to reconcile // i have a person i have forgiven but can’t reconcile because i am still concerned about how they might treat some of my dependents if i had a relationship with them again // leaving oneself open for injury is generally a bad and some might say stupid thing to do // you can forgive a snake for biting you / because they were just doing what snakes do / but to give the snake an opportunity to bite you again under similar circumstances would be foolish unless you knew that the snake had been de-fanged or otherwise controlled //

love and hate are such strong and personal emotions / love can easily turn to hatred because the person who is the object of these emotions is so clearly able to affect you / hate is not the same as indifference / it is an active sensation that developes when someone has been directly mistreated in some way // the people we choose to love are those we tend to have the highest expectations of / and the people most able to disappoint us / when you love a man and you find he is not as he seems / shattering your perception of him / shattering the idea of your future / you can’t stop feeling for him altogether / in place of excited butterflies at the thought of him you are left with anger / grief and / extremely / hate // hate at his direct and personal disregard for you / only someone with the ability to make you feel anger / grief / despair / hopelessness / worthlessness can truly stir a powerful emotion like hatred / and we leave ourselves so open and stripped to those we love it is sometimes impossible for them to do other than let us down // there is a thin line between love and hate / and yet a universe between hate and love // love is not something most people give freely / it is a guarded emotion that is so precious and fragile that when it is abused the effects can be devastating // we can hate those we once loved and even those we still love simply because they have our love and we can’t get it back / and we can’t be the people we once were //

when you feel love / it’s magic / the things you wanted to do is logic / but when you star to realize / love is unfair because of the sacrifice / love makes you happy everyday / you’ll not even know that time is running away / but as you try to feel the pounding of your heart / there’s such a time / you have no choice but to give up / you think you won’t be hurt / you wanted to show how much it worths / but as you try to open your mind / love is selfish and unkind / why is it that love is not always perfect? / sometimes you must be hurt in order to grow / sometimes you must be lost in order to know / that / love lets you learn some lesson / that you can go and move on / nut as you try to hide the pain / the other side of love will always remain //

I want a guy…. who would move the hair away from my eyes and then kiss me.. and hold my hand in line of the mall and make all girls jealous. someone who would sing to me a random moments.. who would let me sleep in their chest.. A boy who would get mad at someone if they called me ugly or was mean to me. I want someone who would call me three times a day if he went away. Someone who would let me gossip to him and would just smile and agree with something i said. he would throw stuffed animals at me when I acted dumb and then KISS ME A MILLION TIMES.. Someone who would make me fun of me just to make me laugh.he would take me to the park and put his hands around my waist and give me a big bear hugs at all time.he would tell his friends about me and smile when he did it.. and we’d make out in the pouring rain.he would never be afraid to say”I LOVE YOU” in front of his friends,and argue about silly things then make up..

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